Want to know who else is supporting Rachel for SC?

I made a list of everyone who has done something to add power to the campaign and the list is so very long. Even then I feel sure I’m leaving people out. With that said, here are a few pics of supporters who’ve played a particularly active role in getting us to election day next week on April 5th.

Together we can Protect the Progress, Advance to a Better Tomorrow, Realize a High School for the 21st Century!


Our recently retired Fire Chief, Joe Rolli, has a truly rare skill-set. He demonstrated time and again that he was able to manage a team that was highly professional and efficient, but also had a remarkable generosity of spirit. Along with that, he could communicate the work of his team so clearly. I am thrilled that he will soon join our Planning Board. I’m also grateful for his support of my candidacy for the School Committee.

Anthony Dolly Rachel2

I couldn’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent happily working with these two – Dolly and Anthony Wilson – on community projects. We worked together on the Stoneham Sq Strategic Action Plan, a five year plan for Stoneham Square. After that was done, we’ve spent most of our time together building the Stoneham Square Neighborhood Group and on the Stoneham Transportation Advisory Committee. They are fun, kind people who give so much of themselves to Stoneham.


I would pick Raymie Parker as a teammate on any project. We’ve worked together on transportation and community planning over the past two+ years. When she says she’s in, she means it. She gives generously of her time and brings all her resources to bear on the things she cares about. Her commitment to Stoneham is clear. She is an optimist who also always sees the humor in things, two key qualities that keep us going through miles of flyers and problem solving and how-are-we-ever-going-to-get-this-done.


Nick and Meruli, sign holders extraordinaire! They also play a key role in ensuring candidate fitness by walking to school with their parents, my kids, and me most days.

5 days til the election! Listen, Learn, Lead!


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