Thoughts at the End of a Campaign

I'm listening, I'm learning, I'm ready to lead.

I’m listening, I’m learning, I’m ready to lead.

The School Department is a major institution with a serious mission. We’re talking about $30 million, 500 jobs* and at the center, 2,400 kids whose capacity to become wholehearted and economically successful adults is determined every day in our schools. 

Anyone who’s worked with me can tell you that I am more tortoise than hare. This does not make me a flashy political candidate. There is not much drama in my daily operating style. 

However, it has made me, over and over again, a person who sets sight on a goal and gets there. The anecdote my mother shares to sum me up was that on the first day of kindergarten, she found me in the closet at 5am in my new dress, digging for shoes because I wanted to be sure I was ready. Ready to hit the ground running. Ready to get involved, and get the right things done, to take risks that needed to be taken, and fall and get up again and again and again.

My resume says that I’ve focused on public policy and project management. What I really specialize in is fixing sight on a goal that’s years away and then problem solving my way through the 1,000 days it takes to get there.

I wasn’t born here, but Stoneham is my home. I have done my best to know this town deeply in 7 years. I’ve invested time, sweat, sometimes tears, and all the brainpower I could muster to contribute to its prosperity. It means so much to me that this campaign has been supported by people whose families have been here for generations as well as people who arrived two years ago.

The job of the School Committee is specific: Oversight and support of the superintendent as s/he oversees the administration, determining the budget, making sure we have excellent school buildings, and representing Stoneham residents as their ears and voice. I know how to do the specific job of a School Committee Member. I know where we are, where we’ve been and where we should be heading.

This campaign has never been mine alone, or even about me at all. It has been an effort of so many people who care deeply about our children, their education and unlocking their full potential as human beings. That is what we believe in and that is what we have fought for in this campaign.

Now, please get out there and vote on Tuesday!

With gratitude and high expectations for all that lies ahead,


*362 FTEs, but assuming part-time workers, I’ve rounded up.

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