High School Building Committee

Thank you to the Stoneham Select Board for approving formation of a School Building Committee on November 13th!

While we await a decision on this year’s competition for state funding, Stoneham’s formation of an SBC is an important step in our local readiness. The group will become well versed in the 2018 High School Feasibility study and get familiar with the process for funding, designing and building school buildings. This is one more way that Stoneham is showing its support for modernizing the High School building and campus.

Your School Committee Representative to this important committee is Nicole Nial, who will advocate for a student centered design. Nicole brings years of experience in healthcare, providing hands on care to patients. As President of the South School PTO for 7 years, she has deep experience in the daily operations of a school building. She also holds an advanced degree in art and design. Her perspective will be invaluable in realizing a building that serves students, staff and community of all ages, needs and aspirations.

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