Action Alert – High School

Stoneham High School is housed in a seriously outdated building.

5 months ago, Stoneham was invited in the state building program to solve this problem. Now we all have to take certain steps to keep the project on track. The first step is coming up two weeks from today. Do YOU want to keep Stoneham High School on track? We need your help.

Vote YES on Article 6 (School Building Committee Feasibility Study) at Annual Town Meeting, 7pm on Monday, May 6th at Town Hall, 35 Central Street.


You must be a registered voter. You can register at the Town Clerk’s Office in Town Hall.


Stoneham Rec Department will run a FREE children’s program downstairs that night. Click here to register.


It is very early on the agenda; it will be one of the earliest items raised that night.


The next step in the High School process is to decide if new construction or substantial renovation is the right approach. We do this by hiring design & engineering professionals to conduct a feasibility study. You can reasonably expect the state to reimburse us for approximately 50% of the study costs.

You may remember that we did a locally funded high school feasibility study in 2017. We used that to create our winning proposal to secure the state as our partner on the project. As part of their normal process, the state now requires a new feasibility study using its most current standards – and having its seat at the table in managing the new study. The state will be bringing tens of millions of public dollars into this project, so it absolutely within their reasonable responsibilities to require this.

What you are seeing is a normal smooth process unfolding. The way things should be.

The new or improved high school is within reach.

If you do your part, we can make this happen. 

See you on May 6th!


p.s. Please share this message widely.

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