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Summer is winding down. The first Tri Board meeting of FY20 is tonight, with many more meetings on the immediate horizon where we’ll make pivotal, far reaching yet un-ballyhooed decisions.

A lot of important prep work for the fall happens in August. It’s a month of new beginnings.

In the fall, I turn back to almost exclusively serious reading. I got this book to get better grounded in the recent past and help me figure out my own opinions about how we should shape the future. We’re struggling with the notion of the nation state in what has become a very small world. I was an American History major in college, so looking into the facts of the past has always been my way of navigating into the future. How do we preserve what is worth preserving, shed what no longer serves and move forward. Truly forward – where change and loss are usually part of the cost.

I’m sharing this because I think a lot of you are struggling through the same questions I am. I wanted you to know that I’m sharing your struggle and bringing it to my work as we go along.

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