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Candidate’s Statement 2019

Dear friends,

I’m Rachel Meredith-Warren and I’m asking for your vote to re-elect me as a member of the School Committee of the Stoneham Public Schools on Tuesday, April 2nd at Town Hall, 35 Central Street.

I’m a married mom of two sons who are public school students. I have a masters degree in public policy from Tufts and I’ve worked with lots of volunteer teams to make our community an even better place to live over the past nine years. From playground rebuilds to reforming our budgeting process, I’ve been an active contributor.

I’m part of the school committee team that brought in:

  • A new superintendent
  • A new high school (approved by the state two months ago to move forward toward rehabilitation or rebuild)
  • New state of the art programs for students to have every chance for realizing their potential

If you like the direction your schools are heading, I hope you’ll mark your calendar to come out and vote on April 2nd. Absentee ballots are also available from the Town Clerk’s office (click here) and must be received by noon the day before the election. We’ve seen plenty of local elections swing by as few as 80 votes, so every vote really counts.

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