We have a motto for the campaign!

But first, let’s talk about what leadership means in a modern society like ours, where old hierarchies are fast disappearing and people increasingly feel a rightful stake in decision making that affects their lives.  We know – very keenly nowadays – that leadership is not the same thing as authority.

“Leadership is a verb, not a job. Authority, power and influence are critical tools, but they do not define leadership. That is because the resources of authority, power and influence can be used for all sorts of purposes and tasks that have little or nothing to do with leadership.” – R. Heifetz, A. Grashow, M. Linsky

Leadership is about identifying the goals we need to reach, the problems we need to solve to get there, the risks and threats along the way. It requires working with a team to move toward those goals.  The modern leader engages diligently, often for years, moving forward with sustained energy and problem solving along the way.

This motto speaks to that modern practice of leadership and I’m thrilled to share it with you.


Rachel for School Committee

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