Who Is Rachel?

I’m Rachel Meredith-Warren, elected member of the School Committee of Stoneham Public Schools. I’m asking for your vote to re-elect me  on Tuesday, April 2nd.


I’ve been a Stoneham resident for 10 years. I’m mom to Mitchell, 9 years old, and Nathan, 6 years old, two of the 2,300 students in the Stoneham Public Schools. My husband, Mark, and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this year.


I’ve work primarily in the fields of project management and stakeholder engagement. I earned my B.A. in history from New York University where I was a National Merit Scholar, and several years later, my M.A. in policy and planning from Tufts University. I managed a $24 million portfolio of new construction and rehabilitation developments for clients in the Boston metro area. Before that, I developed housing in 16 properties across five states.

Public Service

I co-founded the Stoneham Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit that helps to build community connections and bring resources together to make Stoneham an even better place to live. I co-founded the Stoneham Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) to bring more mobility choices to our community. I’ve chaired the 20 member advisory committee of the Stoneham Square Strategic Action Plan, a five year plan to help our town center function better for residents, visitors and businesses. I served on the Stoneham Finance and Advisory Board where I advocated for best practices of modern town budgeting.

This Is Home

Those are the data points about me. What you should also know is that the most important events of my life have happened here. Buying our first house, having those two baby boys, participating in civic life, being welcomed into a community that values family and hard work. Those things sealed my commitment to investing my energy in the town that has invested so much in my young family. Stoneham has become my home.

Rachel for School Committee

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